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15-25% of every purchase supports the LKN Ruck Club

pre-sale closes September 15th, delivery in early October 

15-25% of every purchase supports the LKN Ruck Club

What is this? Short story is Michael Sweeting asked me (Cadre Montreal) about getting some patches made for LKN Ruck Club, which my wife was happy to do. Michael also asked if we could make some T-shirts and I said, "Shouldn’t be an issue, heck we can even make window decals with the same artwork." later on I told my wife about the potential for a shirt order coming in. I got a look and was like "what your not making shirts anymore" to which she asked, "is this going to be a mess like football shirts you volunteered us for?" So the football thing was a mess out the gate but it worked out and we learned a lot out of it, which is how LKN can win. Michael partnered up with American Made Creations to be LKNs official SWAG center. Meaning every LKN piece of SWAG puts money back into the Ruck Club (roughly 20%-30%). We are excited and hope this benefits everyone involved. 


BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): 

1. It takes a lot to manage a Ruck Club work a full time job, be a husband and dad. AMC is providing a platform that allows all the members in LKN to benefit from some fundraising, get some cool swag and not add additional hardship to life, but rather enjoy it. 


2. We are not Drop Shipping garments once you order. Ordering windows will be determined by Michael and AMC, essentially order whatever you want in a pre-sale format and once the window closes we will get garments made and shipped in bulk to Michael for distribution at a Ruck Club event. (Individual shipping is available just contact us direct for additional charges if the apply). For example if window closes August 31st, Michael should have them by the 15th of September. 


3. This is a living breathing Platform, meaning if you want to make suggestions of any kind (add items, lose items, extend/shorten ordering window, make special edition garments) we would happily assist just go through Michael as he will ultimately be distributing the final product.